Featured Speakers: Brian “Hypnautic” Godeaux & Sean “King Tef” Garris

Featured Speakers

Sean “King Tef” Garris & Brian “Hypnautic” Godeaux

Co-Founders, Qoncert & Top Flite Empire

Top Flite Empire is a highly successful hip-hop group based in Colorado. They have achieved significant success in the music industry, including charting on iTunes and Billboard and being featured on major networks such as Netflix, BET, and MTV. The group has been able to make music their full-time job for over 15 years by building a strong fan base and producing their own live shows. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they developed Qoncert, an app that serves as a music artist accelerator, offering a range of services such as workshops, mentorship, and performance opportunities to help emerging artists grow their careers. The goal of Qoncert is to empower artists to succeed and progress from opening acts to headliners and even touring artists, making music as a day job just as common as becoming a doctor or teacher.

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