Featured Speaker: Mic Coats

Featured Speaker

Mic Coats


Mic Coats is a seasoned music producer and content curator from Denver, Colorado with decades of experience producing, executive producing, and managing music projects of all sizes. His career background is diverse and features both mainstream and local acts.

Coats is a detail-oriented leader with a proven track record of making impactful music to reach the masses. He started his career with the legendary collective The Foodchain (features w/ Talib Kweli, 9th Wonder, Little Brother and more). In the Fall of 2020, Coats produced a huge record called “I Can’t Breathe (Again),” released in late June that same year. Reverberating the truth and social movement of the time, in response to the wrongful deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, and so many more, the song was commissioned to perform alongside organized protests in the same spaces of Elijah McClain’s hometown – going on to garner more than 700 plus Top 40 Radio spins and was licensed to NFL Monday Night Football.

Following the momentum of such a highly prevailed release, Mic continues to work with various artists, independent and mainstream, including his primary collaborator, A Meazy. Together they’ve earned more than 470k YouTube views and more than 965k digital streams. On September 10,2021 A Meazy’s album, “Protect Your Energy”, featuring Mic’s work, made its debut, charting #7 on the Top Hip Hop Albums in the country on iTunes.

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