Featured Speaker: Jason Van Aken

Featured Speaker

Jason Van Aken

Volunteer Operations, Seventh Circle Music Collective

Jason is a core volunteer at Seventh Circle Music Collective, a DIY venue located in Denver, CO that has worked to support local, national, and even international projects from all different backgrounds and ideals (Except for hate groups, of course. NAZI PUNKS F@#$ OFF!) for over six years. As a core member of the team, Jason is part of a constantly developing collective of people who have a passion for the arts and the ability to express our humanities with as little impedance on each other’s expression as possible.

The venue accomodates everything from music acts (big and small), noise shows, dance recitals, art festivals, and even some theater performances. They strive to not only develop the space for the projects that come through, but also for the benefit of volunteers and patrons who keep the place alive with hours of dedication, generous donations, or both.

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