Featured Speaker: Callum Bair

Featured Speaker

Callum Bair

Producer, Songwriter, Audio Engineer

Callum is a multi-instrumentalist with over 10 years of experience in the studio and on the stage. Throughout his career in the greater Colorado music scene, he has gigged extensively in a wide array of genres from Jazz, to Rock, to Pop, to Gospel. He has performed with numerous local and international artists such as Le’Andria Johnson, Brionne Aigné, Monique Brooks-Roberts, JoFoKe, and the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, as well as sharing the stage with Grammy award-winning acts such as Lil John, Talib Kweli, and Big Boi.

On top of his weekly live performances, Callum is an in-demand audio engineer and producer, offering engineering, mixing, mastering, and production services. His business has allowed him to work on thousands of projects that have encompassed everything from producing and engineering for major record labels, to creating commercial sync tracks for international brands. Whether it’s Hip Hop, Jazz, R&B, Trap, Folk, or Rock, Callum can shift between the production and engineering styles of multiple genres all while honoring the culture, authenticity, and sonic vision of any artist.

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