Featured Speaker: Ave Emi

Featured Speaker

Ave Emi

Songwriter, Producer, & Recording Artist

Ave Emi is an accomplished songwriter, a gifted instrumentalist, a hit-savvy producer, and respected media personality based in Denver, CO. His impressive resume includes collaborations with T-Pain, Shawnna, Eric Bellinger, and TLC. He’s also worked with some of his region’s most popular voices like, TheyCallHimAP, Trev Rich, Pries, Adiel Mitchell, Rachel Bailey, Colorado Myrical, Danae Simone, K.I. Breaux, and A. Fox. No matter which name you know him by, the hitmaker has earned the reverence of his peers as a captivating artisan with a refined gift. 

In 2016, he began to pivot into media as he and longtime collaborators Leonard “Graffiti” Johnson and Julius Hinton created the Life is Dope podcast, where the co-hosts invited various pop culture figures to bring honest and opinionated perspectives to current events, music, and other aspects of pop culture. The podcast aired over 100 episodes and scored the show the Colorado Association of Black Journalists 2017 Social Influencer of the Year Award.

After spending years in collaborations, Ave Emi ventured beyond production and explored the world of songwriting. His first project was the exploratory debut EP, Faux Hearts. The EP earned him a second introduction into mainstream industry territory as a songwriter and earned him notable credits, like 2021’s  “In Yo City, Red Light, and Creep”, performed by Sig H.B. and produced by Zaytoven.

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