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Adiel Mitchell – “All the Way (Lounge Mix)” (Single)

Adiel Mitchell - All The Way (R.W.M.) Lounge Mix Cover Art

Song Credits: Performed by: Adiel Mitchell Written by: Adiel Mitchell Produced by: David “Davey Remix” Reed Source: Color Coded Media Group Rating: Clean 80s, 90s, Adiel Mitchell, affection, affectionate, ambient, atmospheric, bay, beach, bliss, bongos, bop, breathy, breeze, Calm, carefree, catchy hook, chill, club, cocktail bar, Confident, connection, cool, cover, crush, dance, dancefloor, downtempo, dreamy, electric guitar, fashion, feel good, feelgood, fun, groove, groovy, guitar, happy, heartfelt, honest, in love, Justin Bieber, kinetic, laid back, lifestyle, light, lounge, lounge singer, love, lucky, male, male […]

Mandy Groves – “In the Morning” (Single)

Mandy Groves - In the Morning

Song Credits: Performed by: Mandy Groves Written by: Mandy Groves Produced by: Shinu Source: Zircon Blue Rating: Clean Alternative R&B, bluesy, broken heart, Calm, depression, despair, disappointed, disappointing, disappointment, discontent, emotional, female, female pop vocalist, female raspy voice, female rnb vocalist, forlorn, gloom, harmonies, harmony, heartache, heartbreak, honest, hopeless, hurt, in love, jazz, jazzy, loneliness, Lonely, lounge, lounge singer, love, Mandy Groves, melancholy, misunderstood, no hope, nostalgia, nostalgic, pessimistic, piano, Pop, R&B, raspy voice, Reflective, restless, retro, rhythm & […]