Registration for The Auditorium Opens Oct 29

Registration for The Auditorium Music Business Conference opens October 29th. Save your seat before we sell out!

The opportunity to discover and grow should be accessible to all. We believe in breaking barriers. We believe in equity.  The price of wisdom should be in action… not currency. That’s why registration for The Auditorium is donation-based. 

The Auditorium is an all-access pass to building your business in the Colorado music industry where essential players give you real-world, applicable information to help you build your career.

The two biggest questions we get are, “How do I break into the music industry?” and “How do I grow my music business?” Keeping that in mind, Color Coded Music designed a two-day event that brings together the top entrepreneurs in the music space in Denver, CO to share strategy tips and tactics for making the industry work for you.

The first ever Auditorium Music Business Conference will take place in Denver, February 1-2, 2023. Attendees will have the chance to connect with prominent figures of the Mile High’s music industry while also learning the ins and outs of every part of this ever-changing, multifaceted business. Whether you’re looking to break into the industry as an artist, or if you’re a business professional looking to familiarize yourself with a new career, or if you’re just looking for a competitive advantage in strategy, you’ll find the answers you need here at The Auditorium.

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